Posted 24/08/2020
By: Helen Castle

The Hardship Fund was created by the British Red Cross to help those most financially impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.
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In Other News..

The Pier Project - Consultation Report
Posted 26/02/2021

As part of the initial consultation phase of The Pier Project, we are delighted to share with you the consultants' first report. 

This report has been compiled by our project consultants, Alan Jones Associates, and is based on the responses to the survey issued to all adult residents on Rousay, Egilsay and Wyre in December/January. 

This is the first step of our planned community consultation. Unfortunately, we have been unable to proceed with the next steps due to further Covid-19 restrictions announced just before Christmas. We are hopeful that the consultation will be able to continue as planned over the next couple of months, so please look out for further information in due course. 

In the meantime, should anyone have any questions regarding The Pier Project, please do not hesitate to ask us. 

To view the report (PDF), please click here

Director Election
Posted 20/02/2021

Voting slips were posted out to all of our Full Members earlier this week, so this is a reminder to ensure that your vote is returned to VAO no later than Thursday 25th February 2021. 

Here's some important information when filling in your voting slip: 

* Vote for a maximum of 9 candidates (you can vote for less than 9 if you wish), by placing an 'X' in the appropriate box

* Your voting slip should then be folded and put into the envelope which shows your membership number on the front. This envelope should then be sealed, and you must sign the label on the front of this envelope, to ensure that your vote is valid. 

* The envelope containing your completed voting slip should be put into the envelope addressed to Voluntary Action Orkney (VAO), and this should be returned to VAO, by post, to arrive at VAO no later than Thursday 25th February 2021. This is because VAO are the independant scrutineers for REWDT - none of our staff or Directors will be involved in the count, and so voting slips should not be returned to REWDT. 

Associate Members and non-member residents are not entitled to vote in Director elections, in accordance with our Articles of Association, so voting slips have only be sent to Full Members of REWDT. 

The outcome of the postal vote will be announced by our Chair, John Garson at the REWDT AGM on Saturday 27th February 2021. 

Join our Board!
Posted 07/02/2021

We are shortly due to hold Director elections - we normally hold the vote itself at our AGM, but this year's vote will be a little different, as for the first time, we will be holding a postal vote, due to the exceptional circumstances caused by Covid-19 and the restrictions on public meetings. 

We will still be holding our AGM, but this year it will be by Zoom, on Saturday 27th February 2021. The outcome of the Director election will still be announced at the AGM as normal. 

If you are interested in becoming a Director of the Development Trust, our current Board would be delighted to answer any questions you may have. Being a Director of a charity is an exciting and varied role, and a chance to use your skills and experience in a charity within our community. 

If you have decided to stand as a Director, please notify our Office, in writing, no later than Saturday 13th February 2021. The notification should be made either by post to our registered office (The Manse, Rousay), or by e-mail ( You must be a Full Member of the Development Trust in order to stand for election to the Board. 

This is a strict deadline, since the voting slips will be sent out to all of our Full Members on the next working day, so please ensure that your notification is received by our Office no later than Saturday 13th February 2021! 

Director Role Information