Posted 06/03/2019
By: Helen Castle

The REW DT Directors and staff are thrilled to hear that they have been successful in their application and will received £260,000 for the purchase of land at Trumland estate.

The project will create two employment opportunities, a Project Office and a Ranger post. The project will create environmentally safe accessible walkways to allow access to the new viewing points and picnic areas, the provision of public toilets at Saviskaill beach and the possibility of using the land to enhance digital connectivity.

Rachael Harris has been appointed as the Project Officer.  One of her main roles is to help facilitate the Trumland Land purchase and then to develop, and find funding for, the related projects as voted for in the last community survey.  The purchase process is extremely complex and is likely to take some months yet so, meantime, Rachael has been researching the possibilities for creating access paths to viewing points at the top of Kierfea and nearby the big community turbine at Kingarly.

The Ranger post will be advertised later in the year and will involve looking at the control of invasive species and the promotion of the land and everything it has to offer. 

In Other News..

Defibrillator Volunteer Request 
Posted 24/07/2019

We now have two volunteer responders for this potential project, but for it to work well we need a few more.  If you are interested, please contact the REW DT office.

The Community Heartbeat Trust has contacted the REW DT to see if, as a community, we would like to operate a defibrillator scheme.  This requires volunteers to make it work effectively.  The volunteers would be allocated a section of Rousay (normally the area they live in) and if an emergency occurred in their area they would be required to go to the nearest defibrillator and get this to the incident scene and if needed, operate the defib until the emergency services arrived.  The defibrillators also require a daily check which takes around 15 seconds to do.

If we have enough volunteers the REW DT will look at getting defibrillators installed in zones (agreed with the Community Heartbeat Trust) around Rousay and arrange for full training on the use of the defibs.  The REW DT will also cover the replacement battery, pads and any other costs involved in ensuring these machines are kept in perfect condition and ready for use.

If you are willing to be a volunteer, please contact the office.

Community Land Week Event 17/08/2019
Posted 23/07/2019

‘Community Land Scotland’ have designated 10th – 18th August as ‘COMMUNITY LAND WEEK 2019’ to celebrate community land ownership throughout Scotland. 

Though still at the early stages with regard to the purchase of land at the Trumland estate, REWDT have been invited to join in these celebrations so Rachael is organising a family-friendly event for Saturday 17th August.  

It will be centred around a tiny but fascinating plant, the ‘Round-Leaved Sundew’, that only grows in the peaty soils of hill-land such as we have in the centre of Rousay. There will be various arts activities open to all ages, an information board outlining ideas and possibilities for some of the Trumland land projects and Rachael will, of course, be on hand to discuss these with you

The local Brownies & Guides will be serving drinks & snacks and hoping to earn some money towards their future activities so please give generously!

The Second Rousay Peedie 5K Lap
Posted 06/03/2019

Thank you to everyone who came along last year and made our first Peedie Race so special, this will now be an annual event and the 2019 Peedie 5K race will be held on Saturday 08 June, watch this space for details.  Hope to see you all on Race Day.