Posted 01/03/2023
By: Stuart Williams

Help us to Help You

The Trust is holding a community event on 24th/25th March, to help get community involvement in creating a new Development Plan that will take the trust forward for the next 5 years.  The process is being funded by Highlands and Islands Enterprise and involves experienced consultants working with the Directors and Staff of REWDT to help progress the plans.

The Plan will provide guidance for the trust, but is also a fundamental document required by many funders when it comes to social investment in the Trust.  It’s vital that we have community engagement in the process, hence the need for the ‘Roadshow’.

The development of the new plan is also timely, as it coincides with the recruitment of a new Trust Manager, Stuart Williams, who will lead the planning form the REWDT side.

The ‘drop in’ events are being held over two days, and there are three sessions available.
  • Friday 24th March – 6pm-8pm
  • Saturday 25th March – 10am-12pm
  • Saturday 25th March - 2pm-4pm

Each of the timeslots will be an interactive session, with REWDT staff and directors on hand to update on progress of projects and facilitate feedback. Please allow one hour to fully engage with the session (e.g if you book on the 10-12 slot then the latest you should arrive would be 11am).  You only need to attend one session (they will all be the same) and refreshments will be provided.

Booking is encouraged either by emailing or online at  or call us on 821229.  Numbers will be limited per session.

For those travelling from Egilsay & Wyre, transport will be provided and ferry costs covered.  If you need road transport to the venue, please let us know.


In Other News..

25 February Grants and Budget Meeting approve
Posted 20/03/2023

For the minutes from the February 2023 grants and budget meeting, please click here

Posted 16/03/2023

Please support the REW DT by becoming a member.

For a membership form please click here

Being a member entitles you to:

  • join our - membership base 
  • receive an annual report of the Trust’s activities and projects;
  • attend and vote at the Trust’s Annual General Meeting, including voting for directors;
  • apply to become a director of the Trust, if you wish.

We should point out that, as the Trust is a ‘company limited by guarantee’, in the unlikely event of the Trust being wound up, our members are liable – but only for £1.

We are always keen to ensure that we represent as many of our community as possible, and we would be delighted if you would consider joining the Trust.

Yoga Classes
Posted 13/03/2023

We have Yoga Classes with instructor, Sarah Pamentor, starting on Tuesday 21st March 2023.

The classes will take place in the Green Room at Rousay School and there are two classes every Tuesday:

  • 1.30pm - Seated Yoga
  • 3.30pm - Floor Yoga
No requirement to book, just come along.  

The sessions are jointly funded by OIC Healthy Living Centre and REWDT.  Free to attend with Activve Life/Active Island membership.  Healthy living Centre session rates for non-members.

REWDT Wellbeing grants available towards costs.

For info call Nicky on 821229 or email