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Posted 01/12/2021
By: Kayleigh Tipper

The Pier Site

We are very pleased to share with you that our project consultant will be visiting Rousay this month, to hold discussion group sessions with our community. The consultant will be holding multiple sessions on the weekend of Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th December. 

'The Pier' building was purchased by REWDT in January 2020, following a period of leasing the property. The first part of this post-purchase consultation phase was rolled out at the end of 2020, with a survey sent to every adult resident in our community. The feedback was collated by the independent consultants and published in the form of a report, which we shared with the community in February 2021. 

Although the survey gave us great insight into what people in our community are thinking about the future of The Pier site, this next phase will be in the form of small discussion groups, to enable us to focus in on the key points raised so far, and to narrow down the options for the site, ready for an Options Appraisal. There will be a short presentation about the project, followed by an open discussion between members of the community and an experienced, independent consultant. 

Some of you may feel like we have been here before, as we already produced a short survey on The Pier prior to purchase, but this consisted of a list of options, and there are a number of complex decisions to be made. In effect, what we have done since last year, is go back to the beginning of the consultation process, in order to ensure that we capture everything, with a thorough consideration of the suggestions put forward by the community, in order to make best use of the site and our resources, which the Board believes is better for the long-term success of the project. 

We intended for the next part of the consultation to commence promptly following the survey, but Covid-19 restrictions prevented us from being able to hold larger gatherings, including being unable to hire a suitable premises in our community. It was really important to us that the consultation is carried out here in the community rather than online, so that as many people as possible have the opportunity to take part. We have only recently been able to confirm hire of the School, and things have moved very quickly following this confirmation. 

Finally, The Pier site is still closed, for safety reasons, following an oil leak at the site last year and the ongoing assessment by the insurer. We realise it is incredibly frustrating to see the building closed and unused, especially now that things are beginning to open up again. It is clear that there is an array of opinions in the community about how best to use the building, but we are generally aligned on two things: firstly, that the building should be brought back into use for people in our community; and, secondly, that the site has an opportunity to make a positive contribution to our community, in whatever form the project takes. The scope and nature of the development at the site will be guided by this consultation process with our community.

Our Board hopes that as many people as possible will take part in the discussions with the consultant, whatever your views on the project or its progress to date, as we want to get a fair representation of the views in our community, and these contributions will have a direct impact on the future of the project.

To help us manage attendee numbers, pre-booking your attendance at the consultation sessions is essential. You can book online here (on Eventbrite), or please email us ( or telephone 01856 821229. We look forward to seeing you there! 

Posted 23/11/2021
By: Helen Castle

VAO and the Island Wellbeing Project have launched a new self-management group for anybody living with a long-term condition on the ferry-linked isles. Participants will have an opportunity to meet others, learn self-management techniques from qualified tutors and to hear from expert speakers.

Joining the group is free. You need to be aged 18+, living on one of the ferry-linked isles and have a long-term condition.

Sign-up at:

Posted 24/08/2021
By: Kayleigh Tipper

Our 5K Peedie Lap is now scheduled for Saturday 28th August. Registration opens at the War Memorial (Rousay) at 11.30am, with the Lap starting from there at 12 noon. 

The event was originally due to be held last week, but it was postponed due to the wet weather conditions - so fingers crossed for good weather this week! 

The fun event is open to all ages and abilities, and you are welcome to run or walk the route. Children under 12 years of age are permitted to cycle. 

The 5K will take you as far as the Fire Station, before turning around and returning along the route to the gates of Trumland House. 

We are really looking forward to holding our Peedie Lap after being unable to hold either of our annual sports events - the 5K & Half-Marathon - in 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Our Rousay Lap Half-Marathon event will return in 2022. 

Posted 21/08/2021
By: Kayleigh Tipper

Unfortunately, we have taken the decision to cancel the 5K Peedie Lap, which was due to be held today, due to the poor weather conditions. 

Apologies for any inconvenience. 

Posted 20/02/2021
By: Kayleigh Tipper

Voting slips were posted out to all of our Full Members earlier this week, so this is a reminder to ensure that your vote is returned to VAO no later than Thursday 25th February 2021. 

Here's some important information when filling in your voting slip: 

* Vote for a maximum of 9 candidates (you can vote for less than 9 if you wish), by placing an 'X' in the appropriate box

* Your voting slip should then be folded and put into the envelope which shows your membership number on the front. This envelope should then be sealed, and you must sign the label on the front of this envelope, to ensure that your vote is valid. 

* The envelope containing your completed voting slip should be put into the envelope addressed to Voluntary Action Orkney (VAO), and this should be returned to VAO, by post, to arrive at VAO no later than Thursday 25th February 2021. This is because VAO are the independant scrutineers for REWDT - none of our staff or Directors will be involved in the count, and so voting slips should not be returned to REWDT. 

Associate Members and non-member residents are not entitled to vote in Director elections, in accordance with our Articles of Association, so voting slips have only be sent to Full Members of REWDT. 

The outcome of the postal vote will be announced by our Chair, John Garson at the REWDT AGM on Saturday 27th February 2021. 

Posted 06/02/2021
By: Kayleigh Tipper

We published our Annual Report this week, and this has already been posted out to all of our members, together with formal notification of our AGM (scheduled for Saturday 27th February) and accompanying documents. 

The Annual Report covers the period from our last AGM (held in November 2019). We hope you will enjoy reading about our projects, activities, and grants programme; members will have an opportunity to ask questions about all of our projects at our AGM. You can access a PDF copy of our Annual Report here

If any member has not received their AGM letter and documents, including the Annual Report, please contact us as soon as possible. 

Image of Annual Report

Posted 02/12/2020
By: Helen Castle

For information from Orkney Scam Action Group on how to avoid scams, please click here

Posted 29/10/2020
By: Helen Castle

Message from the Well-Being Co-ordinator
Hi All,

I just wanted to give you all a little update on what I have been doing over the last couple of months. Some of you will have seen posts on our Facebook pages, however, some of you may not have done.

Firstly, the well-being project has received the go ahead that all well-being co-ordinator’s are now allowed to offer help to all individuals over the age of 18, where previously we were limited to over 65’s only. This really is great news.

I have been working with “life changes trust” on their dementia dog project, attending webinars and zoom meetings which have been productive. There have also been            numerous webinars and zooms through the time to change mental health campaign that  I have been attending, these have provided me with some great ideas for the future.

I have a lot of ideas for group activities moving forward, we just need to wait and see what the future holds regarding Covid regulations. Fingers crossed we can get back to a bit of “normality” before too long.

I would like to thank those who attended the “lets zoom” chat.

If anybody has any queries or ideas, they would like to put forward to me please do not hesitate to get in touch.

If there is something you need help with, even if you feel it maybe something out of my remit, still get in touch as I can always signpost you to someone who can help.

Kind regards

Alice Foulds

(Rousay Well-being Co-ordinator)

My hours of working are:
Wednesday: 9am-1:30pm
Thursday: 9am-2pm
Friday: 9am-1:30pm
Phone: 07948 466380

Posted 24/08/2020
By: Helen Castle

I would like to apologise for being quiet and not replying to emails this last couple of weeks. Many of you may have heard already, but, for those who haven't; I managed to break my leg in a ridiculous manner and had to have an operation on it, so I have been resting.

I am now back to working my normal hours, however, due to the injury and doctors orders I am currently working from home so if you need to get in touch you can contact me via:

Email: oMobile: 07948466380

I understand calls to mobiles can be costly so feel free to request that I call you back and I will do so promptly.

My hours of work are:
Wednesday 9am-11am 1:30pm-3:30pm
Thursday 9am-3pm
Friday 9am-11am 1:30pm-3:30pm

Posted 24/08/2020
By: Helen Castle

The Hardship Fund was created by the British Red Cross to help those most financially impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.
Click here for more information

Posted 27/07/2020
By: Helen Castle

The Rousay, Egilsay and Wyre Development Trust has teamed up with The UHI Archaeology Institute to support islanders during and beyond the Covid-19 Pandemic. Fieldwork activities on Rousay in 2020 (e.g. Skaill farm and Swandro) have been postponed. This project provides an opportunity to support residents (young and old) to discover, access and enjoy archaeology and heritage resources on the internet.

The digital resource pack is designed to provide islanders with a basic guide and links to online archaeology and heritage resources. This will support training sessions where participants can undertake their own research, or this pack can be used for general interest.

Go to the Heritage page for more information and a link to the resource pack.

To register an interest in the project contact Dan Lee on

Posted 09/06/2020
By: Helen Castle

This programme is open to people who are most affected by the Coronavirus pandemic i.e. those on the shielded list or those in group 2 (those who are clinically vulnerable/ eligible for the flu jab).

Through this scheme, those who do not have access to the internet and are eligible, are gifted a device and initial connectivity. This is an effort to help those who do not have the existing means to keep in touch with family and friends remotely and possible access services to help and support them during this time.

If you think you are eligible please contact Kerry Spence at OIC 01856 873535 ext. 2425.

Posted 05/05/2020
By: Helen Castle

Caring for People Group have produced a leaflet Coronavirus & Your Mental Health – Where to Find Help. The leaflet provides details of local and national support organisations and some tips on how to look after your mental health. 

Click here for the leaflet.


Posted 24/03/2020
By: Helen Castle

The Covid‐19 Government changes regarding Phase 2 relating to the opening of play parks is good news! As of 29th June, Brinian Play Park will re‐open.

Thank you for your patience and stay safe when playing, have fun!

Posted 23/03/2020
By: Helen Castle

For the REW DT Articles of Association please click here

Posted 06/03/2019
By: Helen Castle

We still have some funding available in our 2019/20 grant funding ‘pots’, if you think you could benefit from applying for a grant, please either complete a form and return to the office ASAP or give us a call.

The 2020/21 Grants are currently being approved, along with all of the relevant terms and conditions for each funding stream.  Please see the April 2020 addition of the Review for the new information.  This will also be on our website and Facebook pages.

Posted 06/03/2019
By: Helen Castle

The REW DT Directors and staff are thrilled to hear that they have been successful in their application and will received £260,000 for the purchase of land at Trumland estate.

The project will create two employment opportunities, a Project Office and a Ranger post. The project will create environmentally safe accessible walkways to allow access to the new viewing points and picnic areas, the provision of public toilets at Saviskaill beach and the possibility of using the land to enhance digital connectivity.

Ellie Roberts has been appointed as the Project Officer.  One of her main roles is to help facilitate the Trumland Land purchase and then to develop, and find funding for, the related projects as voted for in the last community survey.  The purchase process is extremely complex and is likely to take some months yet so, meantime, Rachael has been researching the possibilities for creating access paths to viewing points at the top of Kierfea and nearby the big community turbine at Kingarly.

The Ranger post will be advertised later in the year and will involve looking at the control of invasive species and the promotion of the land and everything it has to offer. 

Posted 06/03/2019
By: Helen Castle

The final version of the survey can be downloaded here for Adults, for Primary School children here and for Secondary School age here.  The first survey question was 'What would you especially like the trust to do for you?', the answers received have been collated as a 'Mind Map' and can be viewed here.  Hard copies will be placed around the three islands for people to read too.

The directors will use the report to improve services where possible and start projects linked to the report findings. There will be more updates on the DT's progress here and in future Reviews but we would like to hear from any individual or group regarding your ideas on how we can best serve our community and move forward the survey's findings.