Heat Smart Orkney

Heat Smart Orkney

Heat Smart Orkney Ltd" is a new organisation created specifically to administer and manage the Heat Smart Orkney project.

The Heat Smart Orkney project is a 2-year community based trial, funded by the Scottish Government’s Local Energy Challenge Fund and has been set up to establish and show how smart controls and local rebating can be used as a way of both mitigating the effects of curtailment on the Rousay, Egilsay & Wyre community turbine and addressing the issue of fuel poverty in our communities.

The project works by ‘diverting unused renewable energy into affordable heating’ and is activated when our turbine is set to be powered down.  Storage heaters, flow boilers, hot water cylinders and immersion heaters (acting as energy stores), will be installed into participating homes as secondary heating devices and these will be switched on when a signal is sent from our turbine, via a cloud based platform to control equipment (switches) attached to each device.  This causes the units to draw energy from the grid and thus, keep our turbine turning for longer.  Once the turbine is notified that it can resume normal working or must stop another signal is sent and the units are switched off.

The first aim of the project is to show that we can assist our community to reduce their fuel costs by turning down their primary heating system, shortening the periods they run it for, reviewing the tariffs they pay, and by providing a rebate on the energy used by our devices. For this to work in the longer term, we must also show that the smart controls and devices can combat the curtailment sufficiently to create the income for the rebate payments and hopefully generate additional revenue to continue to fund our community initiatives.

Installation is free, and Heat Smart Orkney will provide all of the equipment and technology required. As an additional bonus, for the first year, we will reimburse a minimum of 10% below your existing fuel expenses in exchange for being a part of this new trial project.

The Heat Smart Orkney Team: Kira Hoffmann and Julie Morgan, Project Assistants and Diana Compton, Project Officer.

Heat Smart Orkney is a subsidiary of the REW Development Trust and is partnered with and funded by the Scottish Government through Local Energy Scotland and its Local Energy Challenge Fund, Community Energy Scotland, REWIRED Ltd, Greener Scotland and VCharge”