Heat Smart Orkney

Heat Smart Orkney Ltd" is a new organisation created specifically to administer and manage the Heat Smart Orkney project.

HSO Ltd, was a wholly owned subsidiary of the Rousay, Egilsay & Wyre Development Trust (REWDT) and was set up to support the Trust, it's revenue generating turbine, and the wider community, through active involvement in projects testing solutions to combat the curtailment of energy production and high costs of heating in community homes. Initially it did this through the delivery of the community engagement and operational element of the Heat Smart Orkney project, and then subsequently provided further operational support, experience and lessons learned for further work to others, e.g. during the SMILE, TraDER and ReFLEX projects. As a result, it has provided REWDT and the wider community with the opportunity to access Scottish Government, and other, funding and resource over an extended period of time.

Although it was decided to finish current live activities at the end of March 2022, after more than 6 years of continuous operation and employment. HSO has produced a significant legacy, including new heating equipment across the community, and gave some employment to REW community members during 2022/23 as part of the winding up and post project work.  This ensured that final data could be gathered, all households and sites with HSO systems could be adjusted and supported to made good for future use, and that the HSO office and systems could be sorted to prepare for the end of active operation.

With the closure of the office, HSO email and phone contacts, are now no longer actively monitored. If you have any new queries,  or wish to get in touch about the project, please phone or email the REWDT (at info@rewdt.org and 01856 821229) for practical matters connected with previous activities and any equipment installed across our community, and/or Community Energy Scotland (info@communityenergyscotland.org.uk and 01856 761320) for technical queries and enquiries about wider aspects of the work. 



01856 821277 info@heatsmartorkney.co.uk


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